Welcome To 3ZUNI - A Near Future
"The past cannot yet be changed but we can influence the future..."
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View the mysterious floating city...
Join a road trip across the wastelands...
Meet strange citizens living in the city areas...
3ZUNI is set in the near future, on Earth. A road trip, a floating city and a general feeling of something strange out there on the vast North American plains....
This glimpse of the future has influences ranging from cyberpunk, Blade Runner, J.G. Ballard stories, nature, ancient things and modern classical and electronic music...  
The Sequential Trading Card Boxed Set
Currently available, 36 giant sequential collectors trading cards with artwork & stories from my James Abell Art sci-fi universe. Art on the front of each card, a micro story plus more art on the back. Includes free detailed 3D model download of the 3Z floating city... put it into a 3D graphics scene  or make a 3D print! 
I produced the art for these 36 trading cards using a mixture of media including 3D printed models, 3D graphics, traditional drawing and lasercut wood blocks.
The journey has just begun, more to come. Click on the slides below to see full size examples of a selection of the cards...
My Story
I started this futuristic sci-fi journey during two arts residencies in the North West of Iceland with memories of long stays in North America a year before that. Time in Iceland had a strong effect on my desire to forge this science fiction idea into something epic. During my time there, I completed the design for the floating city and made a 3D print of it. This design, then fuelled my creative fires to construct a glimpse of a near future...
I completed these cards back in Scotland...
You can order these trading cards here or email me for more information
You can also contact me directly at or Twitter and Instagram as jamesabellart or go to my art website
The cards cost £19,99 for the pack and the 3D model download
£14.99 For just the pack
Plus package and posting.
Recent review on the 08th December 2019, David from Edinburgh - 
"Beautiful cards, I am greatly enjoying the stories and seeing the art that goes with each one. The first card alone "summer" opens the story with beautiful prose, the reference to bees and ants adds an interesting side story " 
Best regards,
"I found this metal box while walking in the hills of Scotland resting under a large rock formation. Opening the tin box, it tells of the story of a near future..."

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